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Spring Shawl Startitis

Out of no where in the past couple of days, I decided that I wanted to make shawls. Not one, but 3. I have never made a shawl before and had no desire to., but then when I was browsing on Ravelry, all of these cute shawls started to pop up.  People were not wearing them like I imagine shawls being worn. They had them wrapped around their necks like handkerchiefs or bandannas. This sparked a knitting flame within me. I need a shawl! I new instantly which shawl I wanted to make first. It’s called the Texture Shawl ( ).


Needles : size 7

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of Andes in Daffodil

I must day though, I had the worst trouble getting this thing started. I must have ripped it ourt 20 times. At first I couldn’t get it increased to the right number. Then, I could not figure out the textured stitch. I knew how to do it, but when tou yarn over on the last knit the center stich start to slant. I could not figure it out, so I just switched it to seed stitch. I think it gives the same effect, but I loathe seed stitch. It’s the biggest pain in the butt! (especially when you have 200 some stitches) k1p1k1p1. YUCK!

But I love the way this is coming out and I think it will be perfect for Spring on those rainy days.

The other shawl I decided to start i sjust a simple shawl that has not pattern. I had some left over malabrigo sock yarn that I loved. I wanted malabrigo sock yarn around my neck!

blueshwlI’m not sure if I will have enough yarn to make a shawl that will wrap around my neck, if I don’t I will either rip it out or SOphie will have a super luxurious bandana.

The other shawl that I have not started yet but will probably have it cast on by the end of the day is the Springtime Bandit ( ) . I LOVE how this shawl looks. I hope that I will have enough yarn leftover to make the matching Springtime in Philadelphia Beret ( ).

Other shawls I love are:

I have a lot of knitting to do! Better get started!


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