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Spring?! Really?!


I think that it is against the law to call a day like this “Spring”. It’s April 7, about to be Easter,  the season opener, and…it is snowing. It seems like in Cleveland one day it is 50 degrees and the next it is a blizzard. Oh wait that is true. I’m not complaining, I like the snow every once in awhile, but it could have waited until tomorrow.

I was soo excited about today because it’s the CLeveland INdians season opener. I’ve been waiting forever to sit down, watch some baseball and knit. Everything was going hunky dorey until 10 minutes before the game came on the lights went out!

AAAHHH! Mother Nature was blowing full force with high winds and blizzard like conditions. I would have been grateful for this any other day. Black outs give me a chance to knit in peace and not have any distractions, but today it was an unwelcome surprised.

So what did I do while the lights were out? What any on else would do…


knit and…


text!!! I  kept Twitter updated with my situation. Poor twitterers who had to read my worried tweets.

I was going to listen to the basebal game old school (on the radio) but my radio didn’t have batteries. Luckily, the lights came on an hour later and I didn’t freee to death. It probably would have been better if the lights never came on because the Indians loss (sniffle sniffle)

Anyways, after that escapade my day was great. Got a lot of knitting done, watched my first baseball game of the season, and had a delicious breakfast dinner. I’ m so happy.


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