New Etsy Shop

YAY! I have finally set up my new etsy shop. Not many items listed yet, but I’m working on it.


smallpy2varigated3 I’m doing dishcloths and facecloths in fun bright colors. Hopefully people will buy!


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A Little Something

I don’t have alot of time to blog today (i’m busy busy) so here’s 2 little videos of little Sophie in action. FYI I have been knitting but everything is taking FOREVER. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you some updates soon.

Sophie insists that she cannot go down the stairs by herself. I think its pure laziness. This video is proof that she can, if she wants a stick bad enough!

Just a note, this is not my ash tray (it is for my mom). I don’t smoke and think it’s TERRIBLE! (no animal was harmed in the filming of this video 🙂 LOL I’m soo lame.

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Rubba dub dub… she hates the tub

I gave Sophie her bath today. For some reason she hates being in the tub (even though she will chase a goose into a pond!). She has to get over it since she is a morkie.This is the “patheticness” that it my puppy.



Her first of many attempts at escaping.



She looks like one of those naked dogs.


This is her favorite part, when I take her out and wrap her up like a baby.


Sophie, meet Mr. Hairdryer.

She actually didn’t mind the blow dryer. She barked at first but she got over it.



Finished product! Look at that huge smile. Isn’t she cute?! After a bath she knows she looks good. She runs around the house… wait no, she prances around the house.

Luckily, we won’t have to go through this pathetic debacle until another 2 weeks! Right now it’s time to run around and play!

April 13, 2009 at 11:54 am 3 comments

Pop of Color


Started this rippled blanket a couple days ago. My mom saw and she instantly wanted it. So this is going to her. I’m using leftover Red Heart acrylic yarn. I normally don’t use acrylic, but I don’t mind when it is for a blanket. This thig is massive. I chained something like 156.


I’m setting up a new etsy shop where I’m going to sell dish cloths. I started crocheting these and they are very addictive. It takes me about half an hour to finish a large one. It is so relaxing! I love the bright colors of cotton that they are selling now. Summer colors!



I bought this journal a couple of days ago. I dedicated it to knitting and I am addicted to it!. I carry it around with me and jot notes, ideas, designs, and info about projects in it.


This comes especially in handy when I am laying in bed and knitting ideas creep into my head. I can jot them down and I’m able to fall asleep. I have been falling asleep faster and I actually remember my ideas from last night!

I am also putting pics and information of projects in here. It’s like Ravelry in a notebook. I’m doing this so when I become older (hopefully a knitting prodigy by then LOL) I’ll have this notebook because I don’t know if Ravelry will still be here in 40 years. Probably there will be something better and more high tech than the computer. So  I want something like Ravelry that I know will last forever!

These are really fun. I think that all knitters should get one. It really does change the way you knit. Just get a cheap (but cute) journal at Target, and fill it up wit everything knitting!

knitting-022 I bought “Super Stitches Knitting” by Karen Hemingway yesterday. It is a great reference book with beautiful pictures. Each stitch is knitted out of bright color yarn and the stitches are organized beautifully. I already have post it stickies all over it.

Bright coors make me soo HAPPY!!!!

April 9, 2009 at 4:48 pm 1 comment

Spring?! Really?!


I think that it is against the law to call a day like this “Spring”. It’s April 7, about to be Easter,  the season opener, and…it is snowing. It seems like in Cleveland one day it is 50 degrees and the next it is a blizzard. Oh wait that is true. I’m not complaining, I like the snow every once in awhile, but it could have waited until tomorrow.

I was soo excited about today because it’s the CLeveland INdians season opener. I’ve been waiting forever to sit down, watch some baseball and knit. Everything was going hunky dorey until 10 minutes before the game came on the lights went out!

AAAHHH! Mother Nature was blowing full force with high winds and blizzard like conditions. I would have been grateful for this any other day. Black outs give me a chance to knit in peace and not have any distractions, but today it was an unwelcome surprised.

So what did I do while the lights were out? What any on else would do…


knit and…


text!!! I  kept Twitter updated with my situation. Poor twitterers who had to read my worried tweets.

I was going to listen to the basebal game old school (on the radio) but my radio didn’t have batteries. Luckily, the lights came on an hour later and I didn’t freee to death. It probably would have been better if the lights never came on because the Indians loss (sniffle sniffle)

Anyways, after that escapade my day was great. Got a lot of knitting done, watched my first baseball game of the season, and had a delicious breakfast dinner. I’ m so happy.

April 6, 2009 at 8:12 pm 1 comment

Puppy in the Pond

Just a quick post before I post  today’s events. I just have to quickly share this hilarious story of what happened on Saturday.

So Saturday was my Nana’s birthday. We all went to my Aunt’s house to have dinner and cake. My Aunt lives out in the country. She has barn, chickens, and a pond, just like a house in the country should.


Anywho, that is the setting of the story. This is where it gets interesting. We decided to bring Sophie the cityn dog with us. My aunt has a Labrador (Hunter) and a cat (Miss Kitty).  We were so curious to see what Sophie would do with another dog (she has never really seen another dog before)


So we bring her over and she is totally a normal puppy. she tries to play with Hunter, but he is either afraid of her or getting to old ot play. We tried to keep Miss Kitty away.

W bring Sophie outside so she can run around and go the bathroom. I didn’t see any need to put a leash on her since she is always by myside.  My uncle and cousin were fishing and sophie was having fun watching them and tryingto eat their hot dog bait.


After that we take her torwards the barn so she can visit the chickens. The out of no where a huge goose comes flying down. Sophie takes off after it towards the barn. You might be able to figure out what happened next by the title. I was sure she was going to stop (she hates the bath), but SHE JUMPED RIGHT IN!!!! My 3 lb puppy is in the pond with  a big old goose! My mom and I started to scream.  Sophie went under for like 1 second but it flet like eternity. She popped back up and swam back to us. I didn’t know she could swim.

She was dripping wet and it was only 45 degrees outside. My uncle and cousin were laughing hysterically. Did I mention that she was wearing her hand knit sweater?!


It had to be one of the funniest things EVER! I swear she thinks she is a great dane.  I could not believe she jumped into the pond. That is Sophie’s personality though.  I’m not sure she’ll be allowed to run around their yard without a leash next time.

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What I Love About You

I thought I would right the ten things I love about Sophie, so I can look at this and remember why I love her after she pees on the carpet, chews on furniture, or rolls in dirt.



1. You look extra adorable in bows (even though you won’t wear them for more than 5 seconds)


2. You try your hardest not to eat my yarn (but sometimes you lose that will to try) Yuummmm… malabrigo.


3. You fit in my purse!


4. You are extra cuddly.


5. You give lots of kisses ( This is only good during the day, when I’m awake!)


6. You wear the sweaters that i knit for you!


7. You are so curious! (This can be a bad thing at times)


8. I LOVE it when you sleep.

fairislesweater-0119. You are so fun to play with (but again when I ‘m awake, not when I’m trying to sleep)


10. You have the most sweetest and quirkiest personality and temperament!

So the next time I’m yelling “SOPHIE!!!!” becasue she’s trying to chew the wall and I have to take some Tylenol, I’ll have this to read and remind me why I love her so darn much!

April 4, 2009 at 1:14 pm 2 comments

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