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Pretty in Pink Sweater

Finished another sweater for my etsy shop! I knit this out of leftover Cascade 220.  These are really fun to knit! IF you get a chance PLEASE check out my store. I don’t want to be one of those people who have to plug their sites every 5 seconds, but it you have the money and love your dog, please buy a sweater (it would help me out a bunches). The site is tulip and willow (the link is on the side). I’m planning on adding sweaters that are completely customizable. You can choose size (up to a medium). color of sweater, if you want embroidery or applique, and color of applique or embroidery. So keep a look out for that.  I’m hoping it will bring in more business and it will let buyers be involved and have fun. Now that we got that out of the way…

Here are some pics of the sweater. I’m gonna try to get some more pics later. Sophie was not in the picture taking mood and it started to rain!


In case any one is wondering, the bird applique is made out of Amy Butler fabric.  I think her fabric is so chic and cute.  LOVE it!


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1st Post

It seems only appropriate that for my first post that I should tell you a little bit about myself so that we can get this thing rolling. I’m really bad at doing this sort of thing though because my life is dreadfully uneventful. Well here it is:

I should first start out saying that I LOVE to knit. Any free time I have I am usually knitting. Even when I don’t have free time I am knitting. I obviously also like to go on the internet during my free time.  I can also crochet, but I’d rather knit.  I just think that there are a lot more cute things to knit!

The second thing that is crucial for everyone to know is that I have a puppy! I love her and there may be many a posts about her (sorry everyone!) Her name is Sophie and she’s a morkie (maltese and yorkie) To me, her face is a morkie and her ears and bodies are yorkie. She is very sassy and spunky, but at times she is just as cuddly.


Those are the most basic things that you have to know about me. The final thing is that I am in no way an “emo” or depressed person. I am a very happy person and I don’t like to dwell on the negative. I am not going to be talking about politics, Obama, or religion. Probably the most controversial topic I’ll talk about is which is better: dpns or circular needles 🙂 That leads us to the poll of the week :

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