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Pink and Green Obsession

I am a girl of many obsessions. Knitting, The Beatles, yarn, Ravelry, Cleveland Indians, Sophie, Twilight, etc. But one of my biggest obsession that has grown over the years is my obsession with green and pink.


I call these my preppy socks. I had to hand dye the yarn becasue I could not find and pink and green sock yarn! I don’t think I’ve ever seen pink and green yarn in any weight! I’m gonna have to write a letter to someone about this national issue!


Pink and green birthaday card from my mom. Nobody knows me better!


Notebook, tin, mascara. Getting tired of seeing pink and green yet?


This is my all time favorite find. It was $1 at target! How can something so small and so cheap make me soo happy?. It sits on my desk so when I need something to pick me up, I just look at this. I haven’t even taken it out of the wrapper. It’s too cute!


Pink and green flowers.  Let’s continue…


Okay,  so you had to know that Sophie would be somewhere in this post (like always).


I had this dilemma that I had all these trinkets and cards that were really important to me. I didn’t want to put them out because it makes the room look cluttered and I didn’t have the strength to throw them out. So I found this adorable box at Old Time Pottery, so when I have things that are important to me (birthday cards, baseball tickets, postcards) I just throw them in this box. Then every so often I go throw the box and reminisce. It makes me happy 🙂


This is getting ridiculous now!

When I walk into a store and I find something that’s pink and green it feels like I found gold. I can’t help it I’m addicted! Oh ya, another example of my obsession with pink and green is my blog theme :/


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No Name Socks


I have been racking my brain to come up with a name for these socks.  I always have fun naming my different projects, but I am totally drawing a blank.  First I thought of calling them peanut butter and jelly… NO there is no pink jelly and its not the color of peanut butter.  Then I thought hmm… Striking Stripes?… no… Sassy Stripes?…no. I finally gave up and just called them No Name Socks.

The yarn is Patons Kroy Sock Yarn. I was a little disappointed at the amount of yarn. I’m so used to KNit Picks spoiling me with 244 yards a skein, these skeins only have 166. I was very surprised at how wide the stripes knit up though. I was expecting thin stripes, but was pleasantly surprised to see these large stripes (my favorite) Of course I’m knitting 2 at a time on circulars  using magic loop (once I learned this I took a vow never to use DPNs ever again).

Have you ever had the problem while your knitting that your neck gets cold? Not me!



It’s the new and improved knitting neckwarmer! Yes, it is my Sophie. It never fails that when I sit down to start to knit, she crawls up on my shoulder. It’s her favorite spot. I must admit that she sometimes maybe possibly does it in the car. I know it’s a horrible habit, but she’s so warm and cozy and she makes cute little puppy noises. I’m just imagining what’s gonna happen when she ways 7 lbs (if she even makes it to that weight). Oh well, I love it  for now 🙂

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As you might be able to tell from the last post, I LOVE Psych. In case you don’t know what the show is, it’s a television show on USA about a fake psychic detective. The main character, Shawn, is hyper observational and with this skill he pretends to be a psychic and works at the Santa Barbara Police Department. Him and his hilarious sidekick Gus, go around and solve crimes and be goofy. In my opinion these two are the best duo in TV history (sorry Fred and Ethel).

I love watching this show. It’s lighthearted, but incredibly hilarious. There are soo many catch phrases that come from this show (Thundercats Ho!). It’s not vulgar (like some comedies and crime shows can be).  It breaks all TV show barriers.

My brother and I are always quoting and talking about the show. Our all time favorite episode is “American Duos”. Our all time favorite scene from our all time favorite episode is this (this scene makes me “liz” (30 Rock quote from last night))

The video from my last post is also from this episode. It is their try out for the American Idol spoof TV show.

For my birthday this year Gavin (my brother) got me the greatest gift ever!


The first picture is the outside of the card and the second picture is the inside of the card that he redid on the computer.  It originally said a “birthday potty” on the inside. I like this a whole bunch better! THe other thing he gave me was :


If you watch the show, you know what the pineapple means.

Can’t wait for the new season to start this summer!

Shout, shout, let it all out!

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Watch this video!

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Pretty in Pink Sweater

Finished another sweater for my etsy shop! I knit this out of leftover Cascade 220.  These are really fun to knit! IF you get a chance PLEASE check out my store. I don’t want to be one of those people who have to plug their sites every 5 seconds, but it you have the money and love your dog, please buy a sweater (it would help me out a bunches). The site is tulip and willow (the link is on the side). I’m planning on adding sweaters that are completely customizable. You can choose size (up to a medium). color of sweater, if you want embroidery or applique, and color of applique or embroidery. So keep a look out for that.  I’m hoping it will bring in more business and it will let buyers be involved and have fun. Now that we got that out of the way…

Here are some pics of the sweater. I’m gonna try to get some more pics later. Sophie was not in the picture taking mood and it started to rain!


In case any one is wondering, the bird applique is made out of Amy Butler fabric.  I think her fabric is so chic and cute.  LOVE it!

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1st Post

It seems only appropriate that for my first post that I should tell you a little bit about myself so that we can get this thing rolling. I’m really bad at doing this sort of thing though because my life is dreadfully uneventful. Well here it is:

I should first start out saying that I LOVE to knit. Any free time I have I am usually knitting. Even when I don’t have free time I am knitting. I obviously also like to go on the internet during my free time.  I can also crochet, but I’d rather knit.  I just think that there are a lot more cute things to knit!

The second thing that is crucial for everyone to know is that I have a puppy! I love her and there may be many a posts about her (sorry everyone!) Her name is Sophie and she’s a morkie (maltese and yorkie) To me, her face is a morkie and her ears and bodies are yorkie. She is very sassy and spunky, but at times she is just as cuddly.


Those are the most basic things that you have to know about me. The final thing is that I am in no way an “emo” or depressed person. I am a very happy person and I don’t like to dwell on the negative. I am not going to be talking about politics, Obama, or religion. Probably the most controversial topic I’ll talk about is which is better: dpns or circular needles 🙂 That leads us to the poll of the week :

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